TK Telecom’s Underground Construction group is led by a seasoned construction manager with many years of underground construction experience. His team is made up of highly skilled underground construction supervisors, trencher operators, mini excavator operators, backhoe operators, missile boring crews, directional boring drill operators, drill head locators, and grounds restoration crews.
Using directional boring systems, we have the ability to put in Tele-communications cables using trenchless technology.  When and where needed, we can eliminate issues that customers may have with conventional trenching.  We can use directional boring equipment in places that previously have made conventional trenching difficult or impossible.  We keep our equipment in excellent operating condition, and we have expert personnel to handle almost any directional boring project.
Restoration of the work area is vital to the project’s success, and we realize that. All of our projects have a quality control inspection focusing on work area restoration.
We are confident that our underground construction team can handle any underground project that you may have. Give us a call, let’s get started.