As one of the many things we do at TK Telecom, drop burials have been part of our business for over 26 years. We know the liability assumed, and the customer complaints caused by house drops lying on the ground and not being buried quickly. House drops should never be on the ground over 10 days. IF the drops in your plant are not getting done within this time frame, call us you need help. We have the equipment, manpower, and expertise to take this problem away for you. Once we receive the bury drop work order, we will call in locates for the other underground utilities, get the drop buried as soon as the locate ticket is good, QC the work for depth and any yard restoration, and clear the burial work order with the issuing office. We guarantee this can be done in a 10 day time window.
All of our crews are experienced, have the equipment to perform road bores, driveway bores, sidewalk bores, and anything needed to get your customer’s drop buried within the 10 day window.
Do you want to stop the customer complaints? Contact us and let’s make it happen.